Stars So Bright

Stars So Bright

I’ve revamped my very first book, Stars so Bright. I released it before the days of all these fancy editing software and professional resources. Now, it’s all shiny and new. Well, new to the world and I hope that it’s a source of joy and acceptance.

Basically, Stars so Bright, its a fictional memoir. What does that mean? Well, it’s kind of my story. I was an assistant in Hollywood and yes, my son was diagnosed with autism. I wanted to write about our journey because everyone’s perspective is so different. We all go through such wildly varied experiences, even if we share labels and job titles. Each story is unique to us.

But, sometimes my story is boring, so I added in some fun. And some of the ridiculous events actually happened and some are pure imagination. How’s that for protecting my family’s privacy?!

The point, in case it is so buried it is missed, is that there is no one path. Acceptance is everything. And in the end, there is nothing important but love.

If you a curious reader, like me, yes, Johnny Stix is real. And there’s so much more I could share, which maybe I will with a sequel. I have been dying to give Johnny Stix updates as it’s been quite a while because honestly, Hollywood never ceases to amaze me with absurdity. BUT I will never divulge who he really is, because I think it’s far too much fun for people to guess. And also, I signed a non-disclosure agreement so I’d be sued.

Download a copy on Amazon here. Or Barnes&Noble here. Or iBooks here.

Stars so Bright

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